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without the limitations and fees of Etsy?
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to break free from increasing Etsy fees and keep more of your revenue! 

Imagine having your own website that is busy with shoppers on day one! It's all about how you make that transition. Use my step-by-step tutorials to transition successfully and keep or increase your sales. 
Complete Video Tutorials

Escape Etsy Once And For All

Oh Etsy. 

Fees keep increasing and the new Etsy ads that combine Etsy search with google ads aren't getting good results. Less bang for the buck to show up in Etsy's search and sellers have zero control over it. 

It doesn't make sense no matter what angle you look at it. 

If you’re not selling much, the fees cut too much into profits... and the more you sell the more you pay in fees. Top Etsy sellers could keep more of their profit if sales were made elsewhere.

Why Stay?

  • You don’t think you can get any shoppers to find you at your own website.
  • ​You don't know where to start to make it happen.
  • ​both.

The REAL Problem & Solution:

  • Marketing: Building a website is super easy these days...It's the marketing of it you need to fine tune.
  • Transitioning: You need help with what to do to make a successful transition.
  • Tutorials: The prelaunch tutorials will show you what to do before you even begin making your website ... so that the moment your new web store goes live, you have a line of excited shoppers waiting to come in and shop, (instead of just hearing crickets and wondering what to do next.)

Tutorials Include:

  • Create your own pre-launch opt-in offer (& Learn what this is and why you need it)
  • ​Create a landing page - A tutorial in making a free landing page you can use to your advantage with email automation (this is not your web store, it is the coming-soon page)
  • ​The thank you page - tutorial 
  • ​Email automation - A tutorial using Mailchimp's free membership
  • ​Visitor Data with FB Pixels & Google Analytics - tutorial
  • ​Test It Out & Share It Out!
  • ​Ideas: What to Post to Instagram During Pre-launch
  • ​Product Photography - A tutorial to get professional shots that increase sales using free apps and any camera (even a smartphone) to get a translucent background.
  • ​Increasing traffic to your landing page and future website by targeting ideal customers.
  • ​Get feedback on your landing page before sharing it with the world
  • ​Count-down to going live - Once you've made your website, you can come back to this resource to build hype for the big day. 


Includes a private Facebook group to: 
- Ask questions along the way
-Share the link(s) to what you created for feedback

 Make It With Marina tutorials are specifically designed for those who want to sell their handmade items smarter, and don't want to rely solely on Etsy or other 3rd party listing sites. It serves as a fast-track towards online professionalism.

That’s all there is to it. Keep being creative because the world wants what you make!
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