What if you had customers excited to shop from you as soon as you launched your own website? 
What if you had customers excited to shop from you as soon as you launched your own website? 

Only $27

Build hype for a successful launch

with pre-launch video tutorials

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Many craft sellers are realizing that the best way to market their products is by having their own website 
- but there's a huge problem.

The problem is... they don't know how to get enough customers to visit their website once it's made, so they continue to only sell the same way as before, or not at all. 

It's not a shocker that product creators aren't professional marketers too. Product makers don't have time to figure this sh*# out, am I right?

The truth is that you can keep the third-party listings (like Etsy) and use them as just one of many traffic sources that re-direct customers to your own website where customers are more likely to convert into leads and sales.

 Websites really are the best way to market products when you know how. 

 And the only way to make sales as soon as you launch a new website is to have a strategic pre-launch system set up to build hype for launch day. 

That's why I'm offering you unlimited access to my 
pre-launch strategy and follow along tutorials worth $300 
for only $27

  • You can: Have shoppers excited to visit your shop as soon as it's ready.
  • You can: Do this on a shoe-string budget. 
  • You can: Set it up quickly, correctly and confidently with follow-along tutorials and have it running in the background while you are back doing what you love, making your products!

Imagine setting up your web-store and instead of hoping people find your site when it's done, 
you have an exciting launch day, fulfilling orders.

How would it feel to have customers celebrating with you by happily purchasing items and feeling privileged to do so.

This is what a strategic pre-launch can do. 

Complete Video Tutorials

with Q&A support in a private FB group

Building hype for your website launch includes:

  • A count down strategy: to build excitement and anticipation
  • Offering a special gift: for "VIP customers" to redeem with purchase
  • A landing page: Where people sign up for launch day offerings by joining your list  
  • ​Email Automation: The kind of email your fans look forward to opening

Tutorials Include:

  • Create your own pre-launch opt-in offer (& Learn what this is and why you need it)
  • ​Create a landing page - A tutorial in making a FREE landing page you can use to your advantage with email automation (this is not your web store, it is the coming-soon page)
  • ​The thank you page - tutorial 
  • ​Email automation - A tutorial using Mailchimp's free membership
  • ​Visitor Data with FB Pixels & Google Analytics - tutorial
  • ​Test It Out & Share It Out!
  • ​Ideas: What to Post to Instagram During Pre-launch
  • ​Product Photography - A tutorial to get professional shots that increase sales using free apps and any camera (even a smartphone) to get a translucent background.
  • ​Increasing traffic to your landing page and future website by targeting ideal customers.
  • ​Get feedback on your landing page before sharing it with the world
  • ​Count-down to going live - Once you've made your website, you can come back to this resource to build hype for the big day. 


Includes a private Facebook group to: 
- Ask questions along the way
-Share the link(s) to what you created for feedback


"Marina helped me put all the pieces together so I could confidently launch my website. Having a plan in place propelled my business forward. And I loved how she was personally accessible to answer questions!" - Letha Eller www.jewelrybyletha.com

 The Make It With Marina tutorials are specifically designed for those who want to sell their handmade items smarter, and don't want to rely solely on Etsy or other 3rd party listing sites. It serves as a fast-track towards online professionalism.

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